Welcome to LUUC

DIVERSITY: We are diverse and we invite diversity of all kinds - ethnicity, age, point of view. Differences of opinion and life experiences, and of knowledge and beliefs, enrich us all and are welcome.

ON DOGMA, UNIVERSALS AND UNCERTAINTY: The Unitarian tradition comes from the spiritual need to re-evaluate dogma in a search for universals. Hence our affinity to universalism. Unitarian-Universalists ("UU's") propose, among other things, that the findings of science, the awareness of history, as well as personal experiences and reflections of individuals, all have a rightful place within what is true about the universe and our place in it. The healthy thirst for answers to hard questions is a necessity inherent to human maturation and to social development.

Upcoming Events:

Services are held Sunday mornings at 10:30 at 5065 Sherbrooke, Lachine.

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Highlight of the Month:   Summer BBQ's     

Saturday – July 11 – At the home of Rob and Monique – 48 Broadview, Pointe Claire

Saturday – July 18 – At the home of Susan Czarnocki – 30 – 52nd Ave., Lachine; phone: 514-639-5464

Saturday – August 1– At the home of Nathalie and Terry – 2130 Thorncliffe, St-Lazare; phone: 450-218-1881

Saturday – August 22 – At the home of Sari Kelen – 347 Woodcroft Ave., Hudson; phone: 450-458-6644